The Water Diviner

About George – The Wheatbelt Water Diviner


Hi! If you purchase a Divining Tool, you don’t just get a divining tool, you also get the result of 55 years of experience in water divining!

metal tractor seat
Pioneer’s Tractor Seat

George Jakovich, the inventor of the Divining Tool is now a retired farmer. George began water divining on his family’s farm back in the late 1950’s while still in his teens. The wheat and sheep farm is located in the Wheatbelt, Western Australia.

One of George’s neighbours divined for water and was well known for finding fresh water on many farms. This neighbour didn’t divulge his guarded secrets, giving George only a few tips, but the neighbour did lend George a book about water divining.

George was hooked!

From that pivotal day, George knew he wanted to develop his water divining skills and then share his knowledge with others. The Divining Tool is George’s life work.

water boring
Drop-line water boring plant.

In the early 70’s George built a drop-line boring plant that he still uses today. This boring plant has dug literally 100’s of boreholes! So many holes that George’s children and grandchildren refer to the farm as “Swiss Cheese” on account of all the boreholes!

open water bore hole
Grandchild checking out a bore hole.

Over the years George developed his divining technique and modified his early divining rods into the current model – the totally hand made and machine engineered Divining Tool. These latest models of the Divining Tool underwent two years of modifications and testing, and can now locate water systems that a traditional divining rod of wire could never find.

water boring plant
George with his drop-line boring plant.