The Divining Method – Part 1


Preparation and Priming

An important part of the Divining Method is Priming the Mouth, Body and Divining Tool. Priming improves accuracy of the Divining Tool and helps you find underground water more easily.

Priming Your Mouth

When divining for fresh water, to prime the mouth , your mouth must hold a small amount of steam-distilled water for the entire time while you divine for water. To do this you’ll need to make a Sipping System at home. The Sipping System is just an empty glass or plastic bottle with a long straw and lightweight rope, and for instructions for making the Sipping System with diagrams click here. You’ll need to purchase some steam-distilled water for the Sipping System. Tap water or filtered water is NOT suitable.

Priming Your Body

To prime your body, essentially your clothing and footwear must be metal free to minimise any interference from metal fixtures with the pull of the Divining Tool. Before divining, follow the instructions listed in the link “Suitable Clothing for Divining”  to optimise your chances of finding water.

Priming Your Divining Tool

When divining for fresh water its important to prime your Divining Tool and also prime the preferred hand which will be holding the tool. To prime your tool and hand just rinse both in some steam-distilled water that you’ve poured into a plastic container for this purpose. Read more about priming your Divining Tool and preferred hand.


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