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The Divining Tool

Components and Models

There are Two Models of the Divining Tool:

  1. Horned Model (silver head)
  2. Grooved Model (black head)

Both models operate the same way and achieve the same – they both divine for underground water. The difference is purely just cosmetic and personal preference.

The Different Components are:

  1. Handle for Grip
  2. Head (collective name for all components except the handle)
  3. Rotating Barrel (rotates around inner hub)
  4. Inner Hub
  5. Notch (on top side of inner hub)
  6. Nose (front end of head)
  7. Numbered Dial on rotating barrel from 1 (shallower) to 8 (deeper)
  8. Groove or Horn
  9. Rubber Restrictor

Please see the gallery pictures below for closer inspection of the Divining Tool.

The Divining Tool Gallery
Silver Horned and Black Grooved Models.
Two models of the Divining Tool with ruler to indicate size.
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