Best Boots for Water Divining

Suitable Clothing for Divining

What to Wear While Divining

The clothes and footwear you choose to wear while divining are very important and the wrong outfit can adversely affect your divining accuracy and effectiveness. Likewise wearing jewellery or a watch can affect the proper functioning of the Divining Tool. Mobile phones must stay in your vehicle and NOT in your pocket. Following these specific instructions will significantly improve your accuracy while divining.

Before your leave home, follow these steps:

  1. Remove all jewellery, metal piercings and don’t wear a watch.
  2. Shower to remove dirt, deodorant, and any body lotions.
  3. Dress in clean, natural fibre clothing. Cotton is best.
  4. All clothing and headwear must have NO metal features of any kind, including NO metal zips or metal buttons.
  5. Wear a cotton, metal-free, wide brimmed hat, also for protection against the sun while divining.

    Wide Brimmed Hat
    Stay Sun-Safe while Water Divining!
  6. Footwear must have NO metal features. Check that footwear doesn’t have metal reinforcements hidden in the sole or metal eyelets for the laces. NO steel-cap boots!
  7. If you wear a removable dental appliance that has metal parts, please remove the dental appliance while divining.
  8. Spectacles with metal frames that are required for vision are acceptable.
  9. Leave your mobile phone in your vehicle and NOT in your pocket.
  10. Apply sunscreen for sun protection but wash your hands with mild soap after applying sunscreen to remove residue grease from sunscreen.


The rational for being completely metal free is to reduce any possible interference from the metal during operation of your Divining Tool.

Be metal free!
Cotton clothing with no metal zips or fixtures.

When you’re ready – Grab your divining tool with correct grip and off you go!

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