Wheatbelt Farm

The Divining Method – Part 2

Part 2 Divining For Fresh Water *Before starting please follow preparation and priming steps outlined in The Divining Method – Part 1. *Beginners – Please start with Learning the Basic Divining Method  and master the basics at home before attempting water divining in the field. Use Correct Grip and  Starting Position Next, grab your Divining Tool with…Continue reading The Divining Method – Part 2

The Divining Method – Part 1

PART 1 Preparation and Priming An important part of the Divining Method is Priming the Mouth, Body and Divining Tool. Priming improves accuracy of the Divining Tool and helps you find underground water more easily. Priming Your Mouth When divining for fresh water, to prime the mouth , your mouth must hold a small amount…Continue reading The Divining Method – Part 1

Farm Inventor Award 2013 NFD.com

2013 Award Winning Windmill Invention

In 2013, George won the Farm Inventor Award at the Newdegate Machinery Field Days with his Rotary Governed Windmill. See the online article written by Kate Pollard. (Photo Credits to Danella Bevis.)      

Big Kangaroo in Wheat Crop

Wheatbelt Landscape

The Wheatbelt Region of South West Western Australia The Wheatbelt is an area of 154,862 square kilometres and is so named because of the wheat and sheep farming that’s common to this area. This part of Western Australia has reasonably mild weather compared to other parts of Australia, but its still subject to mass flooding…Continue reading Wheatbelt Landscape

Top Side of Divining Tools

The Divining Tool

Components and Models There are Two Models of the Divining Tool: Horned Model (silver head) Grooved Model (black head) Both models operate the same way and achieve the same – they both divine for underground water. The difference is purely just cosmetic and personal preference. The Different Components are: Handle for Grip Head (collective name…Continue reading The Divining Tool

Best Boots for Water Divining

Suitable Clothing for Divining

What to Wear While Divining The clothes and footwear you choose to wear while divining are very important and the wrong outfit can adversely affect your divining accuracy and effectiveness. Likewise wearing jewellery or a watch can affect the proper functioning of the Divining Tool. Mobile phones must stay in your vehicle and NOT in…Continue reading Suitable Clothing for Divining

Garden Hose for Practicing Water Divining

Learning the Basic Divining Method

Divining Basics Before divining in the field, take time to learn and practice divining on a known underground water pipe (or garden hose) filled with running water by following these steps: First please follow preparation and priming instructions indicating clothing choices and priming routine. Put on your home made Sipping System and take a sip…Continue reading Learning the Basic Divining Method

Priming the Divining Tool

Preparation and Priming before Divining for Fresh Water Before divining for water, you need to prime the Divining Tool and your divining hand. The divining hand is whichever preferred hand will hold the Divining Tool while divining. Once on location at your preferred water-divining site, please follow these steps: Fill a small plastic container with steam-distilled…Continue reading Priming the Divining Tool