Water Divining Tool Grip

Correct Grip and Starting Position

Finger-Tip Grip and Arm Position

Please use the correct finger-tip grip and arm position to operate your Divining Tool:

  1. Using your preferred hand, grab the narrow handle of the Divining Tool with the fingertips of your four fingertips, pressing the handle of the tool into the palm of your hand.

    Use finger-tips to press handle of Divining Tool into palm of hand.
  2. Your thumb should rest gently on your fingers. Keep the thumb away from the Divining Tool. The thumb position is for balance only and it doesn’t contact the handle.

    Thumb Position in Correct Grip
    Thumb relaxed resting on fingers.
  3. Use firm enough grip to ensure the narrow handle of the tool remains in perfectly upright position, but a loose enough grip that the head of the tool can turn side-to-side and swivel left to right.
  4. Hold the tool with the elbow of your divining arm bent at approximately 90 degrees. Find a position that is comfortable for your arm so you can focus on the activity in the tool.

    Correct Arm Position for Holding Divining Tool
    Elbow bent and arm close to body.
  5. Your elbow should just hang in a relaxed position below your shoulder.
  6. Position the head of the tool pointing straight out and facing forward ahead of you, with the handle completely upright. This is called the Starting Position.
    Starting Position
    Head of Divining Tool points forward to start.

    Starting Position
    Forward facing starting position.

DO NOT grab the handle by wrapping your fingers around the handle.

Use your fingertips and palm only.

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