Garden Hose for Practicing Water Divining

Learning the Basic Divining Method

Divining Basics

Before divining in the field, take time to learn and practice divining on a known underground water pipe (or garden hose) filled with running water by following these steps:

  1. First please follow preparation and priming instructions indicating clothing choices and priming routine.
  2. Put on your home made Sipping System and take a sip of steam-distilled water, holding the liquid in your mouth.
  3. Adjust the rotating barrel fully clockwise on the Divining Tool to Position #1, i.e., when the number #1 lines up with the notch on top of the body. Rotate the barrel clockwise until the barrel resists rotating. Do not over-rotate or tighten barrel.

    Position 1 notch
    Turn barrel fully clockwise to Position #1
  4. Hold the tool using the correct grip and arm positioning.
  5. Then slowly walk across a known underground pipe or garden hose. Note: The pipe should have water running through it, so find one with a water tap you can turn on. Both the pipe and hose need running water while you are practicing.

    practice on garden hose
    Walk across a garden hose with running water.
  6. The head of the tool should signal that water is below by turning left or right as you step over the underground pipe.
  7. After stepping across the pipe, turnaround, re-position the head of the tool into the starting position with the head pointing forward, and repeat this process of walking across the pipe several times. Each time you cross over the pipe adjust your grip until you discover the appropriate grip strength that allows the tool to signal water by turning in your palm.
  8. Always have steam-distilled water in your mouth during practice.
  9. Adjust the rotating barrel of the tool on subsequent cross-overs, until you feel maximum pull. The pull is described as the amount the tool turns toward the water.
  10. The numbers on the barrel indicate water (pipe) depth: 1 = shallowest; 8 = deepest.

For a closer look at The Divining Tool and its components please click HERE.