Priming the Divining Tool

Preparation and Priming before Divining for Fresh Water

Before divining for water, you need to prime the Divining Tool and your divining hand. The divining hand is whichever preferred hand will hold the Divining Tool while divining.

Once on location at your preferred water-divining site, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill a small plastic container with steam-distilled water.
  2. Fully immerse the Divining Tool in the steam-distilled water for a few seconds.
  3. Then briefly rinse your divining hand in the same water to remove any salts on your skin.
  4. No need to dry the divining tool or your hand as they can both air dry.
  5. Keep the steam-distilled water in the plastic container until you’ve finished your divining session.

*Please note that if your divining hand sweats profusely while divining you’ll need to rinse your hand in steam-distilled water at frequent intervals to remove any salt from your skin.

Rinsing the Divining Tool and your divining hand in steam-distilled water immediately before commencing divining helps improve accuracy and purifies the tool, removes any contaminants or dust that may impact correct functioning of the tool.

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