Sipping System Priming Body for Water Divining

Sipping System for Accurate Water Divining

The Sipping System


For divining fresh water, you’ll need a system that allows you to frequently sip on the steam-distilled water. You can use a fancy bladder system available from most outdoor adventure stores. But there must be NO metal fixtures on the bladder system or straps.

George uses a much simpler system – hanging a plastic or glass bottle filled with steam-distilled water around his neck and uses a long plastic tube for a straw. You can easily make this at home with any plastic or glass bottle, plastic tubing, and a piece of lightweight rope. Leave the rope and tubing at an adjustable length until you decide the most comfortable position for you. If you have neck problems, you’ll need to hang the bottle so the rope goes across the chest rather than around your neck, as you’ll need to be comfortable to focus on the Divining Method.

Sipping System Suspended
Sipping System Improves Water Divining Accuracy


An important part of the Divining Method is priming your ‘mouth’!

The key is to take a sip of the steam-distilled water, and without swallowing, hold the steam distilled water in your mouth. Holding the water in your mouth helps guide the Divining Tool and improve accuracy of the Divining Method. Take small sips only so it’s more comfortable to hold in your mouth. Hold each sip in your mouth for approximately 5 minutes maximum, possibly starting with smaller time intervals and building up to the 5-minute mark. The time frame is not important, only the quality and ‘freshness’ of the steam distilled water. Change the water in your mouth at regular intervals to maintain freshness.

Swallowing the water each time helps to maintain hydration so you don’t get thirsty while divining for water!