Overview Using the Divining Tool

Basic Instructions

1.    Caring for your Divining Tool

  1. Keep tool protected from dust and sand. Store tool in cloth bag.
  2. Never immerse tool in tap water. Never use tool during rainstorms.

2.    Be Metal Free!

Wear cotton clothing, wide-brim hat, and closed-in shoes. Clothes, hat, and shoes all need to be metal free! For example: no metal zips, eyelets, or buttons. Mobile phone pstays in your vehicle. Spectacles allowed.

3.    Assemble and Use Specialised Sipping System when Divining.

You need a system that allows frequent sipping on steam-distilled water. Easily made at home, get a plastic or glass bottle filled with steam-distilled water, attach some lightweight rope, and hang bottle around your neck. Use long plastic tubing for a straw. When divining, regularly take small sips of steam-distilled water, and without swallowing, hold steam-distilled water in your mouth. Holding water in your mouth helps improve accuracy of Divining Tool.

4.    Preparation and Priming for Divining for Fresh Water

On location follow these steps:

  1. Prime the Divining Tool by immersing tool in steam-distilled water. Let air-dry.
  2. Rinse your hands in steam-distilled water.

5.    Correct Grip and Divining Position

Please ensure correct grip for proper operation:

  1. Using preferred hand, grab the narrow handle of Divining Tool with your four fingertips, pressing handle of tool into palm of your hand. *DO NOT grab handle by wrapping your fingers around handle.
  2. Thumb rests gently on your top of fingers.
  3. Use firm enough grip to ensure narrow handle of tool remains upright, but loose enough grip that head of tool can turn side-to-side (left or right).
  4. Hold tool with elbow of your divining arm bent at approximately 90 degrees. Find a comfortable position.
  5. Position head of tool pointing straight ahead, with handle upright.

6.    Learning Basic Divining Method

Learn and practice divining on known underground water pipe (or garden hose) filled with running water by following these steps:

  1. Follow preparation and priming instructions, and use sipping system.
  2. Adjust rotating barrel of tool fully clockwise so Position #1 meets notch.
  3. Hold tool with correct grip and arm positioning described above.
  4. Slowly walk across underground pipe. (Repeat several times)
  5. Head of tool should signal water by turning left or right as you step over pipe.
  6. Re-position head of tool in forward starting position each time you cross over pipe. Adjust grip to allow tool to turn.
  7. Adjust rotating barrel of tool on subsequent crossovers, until you feel maximum pull. The pull is described as amount tool turns toward water.
  8. Numbers on barrel indicate water depth (1 = shallowest; 8 = deepest).


See the components of the Divining Tool HERE.